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Class Starts July 19th, 2017


4 Day Permanent Makeup, and CIT Training Course
7-19-2017 through 7-22-2017.
Class is in Orange County, California.

*Registration ends soon! Seats are limited!


Add new modalities to your existing practice, or start your own business today with our Permanent Makeup and CIT certifications!

Small Class Sizes

Full Focus on Training You

We accept a maximum of 8 students per training course to have at least 1 Trainer for every 4 Students. We do this to ensure you get the one-on-one attention you deserve so that you can move forward in your new rewarding career.

Learn From Expert Teachers

You will learn from our master artist, Kathryn Alexander who has over 30 years experience in Permanent Makeup and Merri Amendola a 25 year Licensed Oncology Certified Medical Esthetician. We also have guest trainers who have mastered areas of this amazing industry that will be featured throughout our courses.

Income Potential

Here are some conservative income numbers for a savvy skilled permanent makeup artist to make once trained.

$450 per procedure


Per Year

Only 4 procedures per week!

$550 per procedure


Per Year

Only 4 procedures per week!

$650 per procedure


Per Year

Only 4 procedures per week!

Course Syllabus

Your success during and after our training courses means so much to us. We pack our 4 Day Permanent Makeup, and CIT Training Course full of theories, practice, and real-world instruction on running and managing your very own business!

The list below covers what topics you will learn about and practice in our 4 Day Training Course.
We know it's a lot of information, but it is well worth it. After you earn your certifications, you will be prepared to start making money using the skills you learned at Minx Mogul!

  • Eyebrows, Eyeliner & CIT
  • Learn Shaping and Brow Design
  • Color Theory Made Easy
  • Powder Brow Techniques
  • Intro to Microblading
  • Master the Smiling Eyeliner
  • Unlock the Secret of Creating Dermal Collagen Synthesis by Micro-Channeling
  • Work on Practice Skin and Live Models
  • Protocol & Electronic Copies of Intake and Release Forms
  • Importance of an Aftercare Kit
  • Learn the Science of Skin Function
  • The Art of the Consultation
  • What Micro Channeled Ingredients Give the Best Results?
  • Educate Your Clients on the Benefits of CIT
  • Mastering Your Device
  • Collagen Induction Therapy Protocol from A to Z
  • Work on Live Models
  • Receive a CIT Treatment
  • Protocol & Electronic Copies of Intake and Release Forms
  • Recovery Post Care
  • Health Department Standards
  • We offer a 6-month mentorship via text or emails for our students.
  • Make Product Sales Every Time

Training Photo Gallery

Minx Mogul Training Academy courses are the most fun you'll ever have learning new skills! Our small, intimate classes are the perfect environment for you to foster talents with hands-on experience and training from expert teachers!

We have trained so many wonderful students over the years. We want to see your picture here too!

  • First Day of Class!

  • Student Eyebrow Training

  • Minx Mogul Certified PMU Artists!

  • Student Live Model Prep

  • Before and After Student Work

  • Certified CIT Estheticians!

  • Student Using Brow Machine

  • Closeup of Student Work

  • Before and After Student Work

  • Student Eyebrow Practice on Live Model

  • Smiles and Certifications!

  • Eyebrows on Point!



Permanent Makeup and Collagen Induction Therapy are not just the latest fads! PMU and CIT are here to stay and they grow in popularity every day!

Stay ahead of the curve and establish yourself as a Professional, Certified, and Licensed Permanent Makeup Artist and Esthetician while there is still room in the market!

PMU/CIT Training Schedule

The Minx Mogul Permanent Makeup Training Academy 4 Day class is packed full of activities. The following daily schedule is a basic overview of the class cirriculum.

Day 1 · Permanent Makeup
Intro to Microblading
Drawing the Perfect Brow
Color Theory
Microblading on Model
Aftercare Kit Importance
Day 2 · Permanent Makeup
Learning about PMU Machines
Makeup Consultation Practice
Feather Stroke Brows with Machine
Hands-On Machine Training
Day 3 · Permanent Makeup
Practice with Device
Medical Supplies Review
Health Department Standards and Protocols
Marketing Techniques and Strategies
Day 4 · Collagen Induction Therapy
Skin Science and Function
How CIT Works with Skin Function
CIT Live Demonstration
Stem Cell Serums Lecture
Students Perform and Receive CIT Treatments
End of Course Certificate Ceremony
Minx Mogul offers the BEST training in Permanent Makeup and CIT. I loved the class I attended. It was so fun and informative. I left so excited to get started! I highly recommend Minx Mogul to anyone looking to offer Permanent Makeup or CIT!!!

Donna C.

Brows, Eyeliner, and CIT Product Kit

You are interested in this Permanent Makeup/Collagen Induction Therapy Training Course because you want to succeed as a professional Permanent Makeup Artist and or Esthetician.
The most important part of becoming a successful artist and esthetician is having the products to do your work!

When you enroll for our 4 Day PMU/CIT Class, you will receive an enormous amount of product included in our Brows, Eyeliner, and CIT Product Kit! The kit we offer with our course contains enough basic supplies to make approximately $20,000 in revenue depending on how much you charge!

  • Patented Digital PMU Machine
  • 2 Boxes 15 each PMU Needle Cartridges
  • 1 Box 25 Meso Needle Cartridges
  • 3 Full size Brow pigments
  • 1 Full Size Eyeliner Pigment
  • MM Microblading Color Crème Kit
  • 8 Microblading Colors
  • 1 Full Size of Numbing Tattoo Candy Cream
  • 1 Full Size of Numbing Tattoo Candy Gel
  • 1 Full Size Numbing Microcaine
  • 1 Microblading Tool
  • 2 Sizes Micro Blades
  • Stencil Pencil
  • Practice Sheet
  • 1 Numbing Candy Lotion
  • Stem Cell Serum
  • Treatment Masks
  • Minx Mogul Apron
  • Permanent Makeup Manual
  • Minx Mogul Carry Bag
  • Certificate of Course Completion


All students who train at the Minx Mogul Permanent Makeup Academy are eligible to receive 10% lifetime discounts on Minx Mogul brand pigments and topicals.
Considering pigments and topicals are the most important products you'll need as a Permanent Makeup Artist, a lifetime 10% discount adds up really quickly!

How Much Does This Course Cost?

The total cost of the 4 Day PMU/CIT Training Course is $6,493.
But do not look at the cost alone! Understand that your training is an investment in yourself!

Just like with any specialized training or education classes, this course comes with a cost. But before you compare the cost of this microblading course to another microblading class, let's look at the true value you will get from our course.

  • Small Class Size
  • Individual Attention
  • Hands-On Training
  • Learn from Kathryn Alexander
  • Lifetime Certification
  • PMU/CIT Kit worth ~$20,000
  • 10% Lifetime Minx Mogul Product Discount
  • 6 Month Mentorship
  • In-Demand PMU and CIT Skills

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Located in sunny Southern California, our academy is in the heart of the fastest growing region for Permanent Makeup Artists and Estheticians. Come see why SoCal is the place to be to get the best training for the hottest cosmetic industries.

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